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Receiving an error message?
Check out Astral's Error Messages & FAQ Guide.

Installation Guide

1. Go to the Downloads page on our website.

2. Click the Installer button.


3. Download the Setup Package and the Kastia Client.


4. Open your Downloads folder, right-click and extract the file.


5. Place the Kastia Client (Kastia.exe) in the newly-extracted MapleStory folder. Double-click Kastia.exe to run the client.


Your anti-virus software or Windows Defender may detect the client as a virus or a trojan. This is due to the way the client handles connections, and is common in many private server clients. Make sure the client is whitelisted in your antivirus software or click "Run anyway" if flagged by Windows Defender.

6. Once the launcher opens, your game files will need to patch before you can play. Click the UPDATE button on the right to begin the patch.
This process can take quite a while the first time you open the client. The client may appear stuck for periods of time while it is patching, especially when patching or creating larger files like Mob.wz or Map.wz. This is normal!


7. Once the patch is complete, the bottom right button will change to a blue START button. Click this to launch the game! Make sure you've registered for a game account on the website.
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