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Upon registering on any of Kastia's services such as our forums, game service or Discord, the user agrees to abide by the rules stated below. These rules can be updated at any time, even without notification to the user. While these rules provide a guideline for punishable offenses, the staff reserves the right to punish users or restrict their use of Kastia services at their discretion. These rules are subject to the interpretation of Kastia's staff, who can enforce them at their own discretion.

General Rules
These rules apply to the Kastia game service, forums, and Discord.

1. Respectful Communication
We do not permit disparaging treatment of other users on our services. Harassment and discrimination are strictly prohibited. You may not mistreat others on a basis of categories such as orientation, gender, race, or other categories not listed here. Similarly, the use of discriminatory language that disparages such categories is strictly prohibited. You are expected to treat others, as well as the staff, with respect.

2. Advertising
Users may not advertise products or services such as other private servers on any Kastia platform. While healthy discussion of other private servers is permissible, we do not permit advertisement.

3. Ban Evasion
Users who have been banned from a Kastia service, regardless of reason, are not allowed to access the service they are banned from during the duration of their ban.

4. Explicit Content
Users may not post or distribute content that is excessively violent or sexual in nature.

5. Chargebacks
Any type of reversal (chargebacks, for example) are not permitted and will result immediate ban unless you contact us beforehand and speak with an administrator about the reason for your reversal. If you have a valid reason to reverse, then please, contact us. If your request is reasonable, then we can gladly arrange a refund for you, without an account ban.

Game Rules

1. Hacking and WZ Editing
Users may not use any third-party programs to modify their game client, their game files, or provide them with any in-game advantage. WZ edits of any kind are not tolerated. The discussion and sharing of hacks and advantageous third party programs is not tolerated.

2. Botting and Keyweighting
Users are not allowed to automate any play experience of the game. This includes the use of third-party programs, keyboard macros, physical objects to hold down keys, and other methods not listed. Users are expected to be attentive and present when actively playing to respond to any staff member’s inquiry.

3. Exploits
Exploitation of any bug is strictly prohibited. If any user is caught exploiting a bug they will be punished. Users are expected to report any game-breaking bugs privately to a staff member immediately. The discussion and sharing of game-breaking bugs is not tolerated.

4. Scamming and False Bidding
Scamming and the attempted scamming of other users is not tolerated. False bidding in order to increase the price of an item, or lying about offers on items is also not tolerated. Users are expected to be honest about their trade agreements and offers.

5. Real Money Transactions
Trading any in-game items or services for real money or goods is strictly prohibited.

6. Messages and Megaphones
Spamming of messages and megaphones is prohibited. Users are expected to be courteous to others and not post excessive numbers of messages, or send megaphones with repetitive or insignificant content.

7. Multiclienting and Multiaccounting
The use of multiple clients or accounts by a single user is forbidden. Using an extra computer to give yourself a buff mule, to gain extra rewards from training, etc. are all strictly prohibited.

8. Selling boss runs
Exchanging currency for boss runs or carries is not allowed, both in-game and real money (which would constitute as RMT).

Discord and Forum Rules

1. Message and Post Spam
Repetitive and low-quality posts and messages are not tolerated.

2. Off-topic Messages and Posts
Users are expected to adhere to the topic guidelines of the subforums, individual threads, and Discord channels.
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