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Welcome to Kastia! Kastia is a v179 server with low-to-mid rates (9x EXP, 3x Meso, 2x Drop) jam-packed with custom content and features. Kastia is full of features that you might already be familiar with like NX dropping directly from mobs, an NPC to help you cube faster, and more, as well as a plethora of our own unique features like challenging Legend difficulty bosses and a unique, constantly changing solo dungeon called the Dimension Labyrinth. This is just a fraction of what Kastia has to offer; for more information, read on!

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What Makes Kastia Unique?

New Challenges to Tackle

Kastia has a new set of bosses called the Legend bosses: a higher tier of existing bosses like Cygnus or Ranmaru with all new mechanics, phases, and more that you’ve never seen before. These bosses are highly different than what you’d expect, as each boss offers new and unique challenges totally unlike their original forms, so gather up your team for some challenging fights with tremendous rewards.

Added to the PQ Lobby is an all new solo dungeon to tackle, the Dimension Labyrinth. The Dimension Labyrinth is a dungeon that changes every week, and tests your skills in new ways by reducing your score every time you take damage. The players with the highest score of their class at the end of a week will receive powerful rewards! For a full breakdown, talk to the Dimension Crack in the PQ Lobby.

New Ways to Progress

Kastia has multiple new ways to progress through the game. Many items have had their stats buffed and changed -- always give new items a once-over to see what’s changed, especially boss drops!

Even more significantly, though, are the additions to how you enhance your items. The three most significant changes are those made to Enhancement Scrolls, Potentials, and the new upgrade system, Time Alchemy. These systems revamp item enhancement by introducing things like new potential tiers, powerful enhancements, and all new pinnacle upgrades through Time Alchemy that can multiply item stats, add Additional Options and more.

New Ways to Play

Kastia features its own fully-featured additional class, Ayame, the Sengoku Pirate. Ayame is a STR Pirate with a strong, bursty kit, and comes fully-fledged with her own custom 5th Job Skill and Secondary weapon. To make an Ayame, just select an Explorer at character creation and select Ayame as your desired job.

Every class in Kastia has been hand-balanced with unique Skill Changes that range from simple buffs to make weaker classes more viable to strong changes that introduce new strategies and styles of play. For more information, check out our Skill Changes thread.

Maps and monsters in Kastia have received a variety of buffs to make progression longer and more rewarding! Our unique Scaling Buffed Channels make it so as the channel number increases, so does the strength of monsters, making a wide range of areas viable training grounds even as you get stronger.

And Even More, With More to Come

We have even more features not listed here! Kastia has stat changes, new systems, and some secrets, too! You can find a more complete list of everything Kastia has to offer in our in-game Help NPC.

Kastia is a project with active development staff. While months of content is already in-game and ready for you to play, we are already working on what’s coming next. More bosses, more gear, and new challenges will be released in the future!

How Do I Get Started?

To install the game, just head on over to our Downloads page and install the game files as well as the Kastia Client, register for an account, and start Kastia.exe to patch your game and get started!

If you need help installing the game, please go to our Help forum for more information.

Once you create your character, there will be a short tutorial explaining some important information about our custom features that will help you out while playing. You'll get a free box of equipment at level 90, and after that it's up to you to make your own adventure! There's a ton to do in Kastia—for any help on where to train, how to get stronger, or what to do next, talk to the Help NPC in-game in the Quick Move, or read Guides written by your fellow community members for advice.
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