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Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:20 am

Hello fellow musicophiles!

So this thread is obviously dedicated to people who count music as an essential to a peaceful and meaningful life :wink: . So share your favorite pieces, a little personal story around it and you might even find a new song to jam to for 3 days straight!

Mine today is :

Tempest 25 by Jesse Cook.

The story about this song starts for me in late september of 2019 when i was lurking and adventuring around Morroco. Many of you probably watched Game of Thrones and may remember the city of Yunkai! It was filmed in the barber town Aït Benhaddou, with many more from the mummy to the prince of persia. I just feel in-love with the history around it, and have been always associating this genre of music with an adventure in the depths of the Sahara. Anyways, now you can visualize the ambient of the geography and can sink into the wounderful tune of this masterpiece by Mr. Cook.
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Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:12 am ... rt_radio=1

Story for this song. We were drunk at out friends house and I just wanted some new music I was going trough his youtube and this new song he never knew just came up I instantly liked it. He didn't like it at all but me being me said fuck that we need to listen to this atleast once. So the next day after work was a little hungover still but after a whole day of thinking ( Because my work is braindead so you mostly just think ) I actually watched this song's video clip and it has some hidden meanings in it. So for now its my favorite song :D. For this week atleast I know this song will suck for me soon but well it's nice while it lasts.
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