Changelog: v54

All the latest patch notes and server updates!
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Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:01 pm

The internal version is 54.

Balance Changes
  • Gelid Cube has been re-enabled
  • Shields no longer count as weapons for Time Alchemy purposes (existing upgraded shields have been adjusted accordingly)
  • Increased the amount of Depleted Crystals gained from TA upgrades
  • Increased the (meso) cost of restoring Equip Traces
  • Increased the spawn of Future Ereve, Ulu City, Ellin Forest, DToT, San Commerci
  • Slightly decreased the spawnrate of Starforce maps, as well as FES2
  • Blaze Wizard: Word of Fire decreased from 100% to 90% Final Damage
  • Mark of Stasis now provides HP as it levels up
  • Slightly decreased the Mark of Stasis stat gain and growth rate
  • DA: All Stat% now counts as %HP when Diabolic Recovery is active (only % for now, flat lines are not counted yet)
  • Luminous: Equilibrium is no longer affected by buff duration (except from Darkness Mastery)
  • Luminous: Arcane Pitch now adds 20% Final Damage
  • You can now enter Hard Magnus solo
  • Decreased the timer in Normal/Hard Lotus from 25 to 20 min
  • Expanded the number of channels to 20
  • More attempts to fix getting stuck logged in
  • Fixed the Blaster Terminus weapon not being equippable due to being Pirate
  • Paladin's Divine Echo no longer shares the Final Damage bonus from Elemental Force
  • Megaphone toggle option is now remembered when changing channels/relogging (and no longer spams you)
  • Luminous: Fixed not getting the critical rate/damage bonus from Arcane Pitch in skill changes
  • Luminous: You will no longer get stuck in "no mode" after using Equalize during Equilibrium
  • Fixed "Status Resist +" autocube option never being hit
  • Fixed being stuck at Tower of Oz 24F

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