Changelog: v55

All the latest patch notes and server updates!
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Tue Feb 11, 2020 9:29 pm

The internal version is 55.

Slowly making progress and chipping bugs down!

Balance Changes
  • Hekaton has been rescaled to 12-person appropriate HP
  • Boss coins should now be account sharable
  • Decreased the coin costs to restore certain Equip Trace items
  • DA: Exceed shouldn't get removed when switching skills anymore
  • Hero can no longer double stack Enrage
  • TB: Lightning Cascade now deals damage properly
  • Selling an item now properly updates the buyback tab
  • You can now HTR to Root Abyss: Colossal Root
  • Blaster fixes:
    • Combo Training no longer applies on noncharged Bobbing/Weaving
    • Blaster: Blast Shield with Vitality Shield no longer infinitely revives you
    • Blaster: Fixed an issue that was causing extremely high delay problems when Blast Shield was up
    • Blaster: Auto reloading now works
  • Kinesis fixes:
    • DoT effects that increase over time now just start at their max possible effect
    • Casting multiple Metal Presses no longer cancel each other
    • Casting Trainwreck + Metal Press no longer cancels Trainwreck
    • Casting Trainwreck + Trainwreck no longer cancels both (the older one will cancel)
    • One more attempt to fix the durations on Kinesis things being incorrect from skill changes

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