Changelog: v69

All the latest patch notes and server updates!
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Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:49 am

Balance and progression revisions, round 1.

The internal version is 69.

(Changes tagged Experimental are not extensively tested and may break. Bugreports are appreciated.)

Balance Changes
  • Adjusted the enhancement formula for SW items
  • Sweetwater scrolls have been split into individual stats and buffed. All players with existing Sweetwater gear will recieve a package that will aid them in remaking their items, should they desire to do so. Please see the section below for restrictions and must-knows on the package.
  • A new Spell Trace armor/accessory scroll has been added that gives +2 ATK/MATK/All Stat at a higher Spell Trace cost than most other scrolls
  • Adjusted meso rates: Earlygame zones will provide slightly more while endgame zones will provide slightly less
  • All ICoG 20% drops have been replaced with ICoG 40% drops instead and the droprate has been severely reduced
  • ICoGs are now able to go up to +11 instead of +10 (does not affect Miraculous scrolls, only Incredible)
  • Further (minor) adjustments to Legend Ranmaru
  • (Experimental) Blaster: Adjustments to Hammer Smash & Rocket Punch; decreased the Final Damage from 100% to 70%
  • Demon Avenger: Decreased the Final Damage from Demonic Frenzy from 40% to 33%
  • Adjusted the recipe for Dusk Essence in TA
  • Dawn Warrior: Cleaned up the buggy behavior of Equinox Cycle and fixed the display in @stats accordingly
  • (Experimental) Aura effects should no longer instantly cancel themselves in LGPQ
  • Xenon: Fixed Omega Blaster not properly going on cooldown when using from the skill book.
Other Changes
  • (Experimental) Zero & Ayame are now able to obtain 7 set Maple Black if they would otherwise qualify for them except for the secondary; the missing stats will be added to their self buffs
  • Deluxe Stylist is now available for 20 DP at a one time account wide purchase.
  • You can buy a Deluxe Stylist Ticket for 4 VP from the VP Merchant for a one time use at the Deluxe Stylist.
  • Removed certain items from cosmetics gach/merchant
  • Added a toggle for the NX Gain message in the options NPC.
  • Kinesis should now have its teleport back. Kinetic Piledriver has been disabled.
Restrictions: Sweetwater Compensation Package
  • Upon logging in, you will find waiting for you in Lania's account pickup storage a special token that can be redeemed using NPC Lania's Innocence Scroll function to reset your Sweetwater equipment and obtain one compensation box upon doing so (make sure your USE inventory has at least 1 slot free). The compensation box contains most of the materials you'll need to cover the cost of remaking your Sweetwater items. You'll receive one box per token you use, subject to the below restrictions.
  • The boxes and all the box contents are bound to the character that uses them. Make sure it's the right one. We will not provide a refund for players that accidentally use their tokens on the wrong character.
  • All unclaimed/unopened boxes and tokens will be deleted approximately 1 week after the date of this patch.
  • The tokens can only be used on fully scrolled, enhanced, and TA'd Sweetwater items. Lania will show you whether or not the item is valid or invalid for token redemption before you use it.
  • Once you open the box, you'll gain a bunch of timed and sealed items. Although the boxes themselves expire in 1 week, the individual items from the box will expire 3 days after the opening of the box. Make sure you use them before then. We will not provide a refund for players that let their boxes/box items expire without using them.
  • Although we have made a reasonable effort to ensure all the items within the box are permanently untradeable, we will state here for the record that any attempt to bypass the trade restrictions and trade the tokens, boxes, or the items within, to other players is considered an exploit and will result in a ban. This includes using your untradeable scrolls on other people's gear. We encourage you to not try your luck and risk your account just to get some free scrolls.
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