Changelog: v52

All the latest patch notes and server updates!
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Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:35 am

The internal version is 52.

This is primarily a bugfix patch.

  • Fixed getting less NX when not in a party, even when soloing
  • Fixed being unable to pick up cube drops from elites (I think.)
  • Auction House: Fixed the search window not clearing the results of previous searches
  • Fixed certain types of Lifesteal not stacking with each other correctly
  • Fixed a mapcrash with Mechanic's AP Salvo Plus
  • Familiar Booster Packs are removed from the CS due to crashes
  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting while inside an instance could permanently render that instance stuck
  • Fixed a mapcrash casued by reviving while the Zombify debuff was on your character
  • Fixed the Damage Skin gambler eating your NX without giving you a skin
  • Add more channels for HT, VL, Hilla, PB
  • MVP Diamond now gives its pendant slots as 2 separate stacks
  • Fix the 90 day Pendant Slot Coupon not being accepted by NPC Lania
  • Fixed bug that would prevent you from bribing Adobis
  • Fixed portals in LHC and LHC Rose Garden
  • Fixed the missing MVP Silver Medal from the pack
  • Decreased the Elite Boss spawn rate by 20%
  • Fixed IED hypers overwriting certain IED skills
  • Fixed getting stuck in char deletion
  • Minor increase to stat line rate when cubing
  • Removed checkdrops from Quick Move and added Dimension Mirror

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