Changelog: v53

All the latest patch notes and server updates!
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Mon Feb 03, 2020 7:25 pm

The internal version is 53.

We're still chasing down the bugs! For now we're focusing on core gameplay and balancing, but once things wind down a little we can start tackling class bugs.

- Completely rescaled the HP of all bosses above/including CRA
- @check now shows servertime instead of PDT
- Buccaneer, Thunder Breaker, and Shade have had their Seraphims replaced with a non-cafe version for the level 50 box
- Fixed lines randomly downgrading/rearranging themselves when using Bonus Potential cube
- Fixed the dupes and search crashes in the Auction House...I think
- You can now use MVP Weather Effect in the Forest Retreat
- Fixed Kao not checking for full inventory before giving the Arcane Symbol
- Decreased the growth rate of Mark of Stasis
- Elites should no longer scale off each other
- Decreased the droprate of Nodestones by about 35%
- Fixed the bugs with PQ members that weren't in the same map/channel
- New Skill Changes:
  • DA: Exceed - Execution now hits 5 mobs base instead of 2
  • Buccaneer: Crossbones now gives 40% IED.
  • Marksman: 65% -> 55% Final Damage
  • Mechanic: 25% -> 35% Final Damage
  • Evan: 140% -> 115% Final Damage
  • Kanna: Mana Balance now restores 60 mana instead of 30
  • Kanna: Demon's Fury mana consumption decreased from 30 to 15
- The following items are now tradeable:
  • Condensed Power Crystal
  • Dea Sidus Earring
  • Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory
  • Silver Blossom Ring

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