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Kastia will be opening for a 3-day beta test weekend on January 17, 2020 (Friday) at 12PM Eastern Standard Time. The beta test will last over the whole weekend and conclude either late on the 19th or early morning of the 20th, depending on staff availability.

The reason we're keeping it short is because the focus of this open beta is just a basic smoke test to ensure the server won't have any glaring issues for launch. Kastia has been in the works for a number of years I'd rather not think about, so we're pretty confident that everything that needs to be done for release will already be ready to go for the beta -- but we'd like to open up the server for a bit just to make sure.

All accounts will be wiped at the conclusion of the beta.

Donations will be disabled for the duration of the test. Voting won't give you vote points in the beta, but will instead count for the live release. We'll provide an alternative way to obtain Vote Points during the beta since they're pretty much a staple of the game, but otherwise we're putting everything on the server as the way it will be during release.

We'll also be running a bug bounty for the beta. The exact rewards are yet to be determined, but we'll likely be offering Vote Point/Donator Point rewards and, for the biggest bugs such as game-critical exploits, free MVP Item Packs (see the Donations FAQ for a description of how MVP Item Packs work). All rewards from the bug bounty will go towards the open release, so if you want to enjoy Donator features on the live server without paying actual money, the beta's your chance to do so!

Other Stuff

Participants in the beta will receive a special medal for the open release. The stats of this medal have yet to be determined, but they'll probably be quite good. Make sure to log on, in-game, at least once -- merely creating an account during the beta won't count as participating.

We'll open up votes and donations again once the beta test is concluded. At that point, any voting and donating will count towards the open release.

The open release of the server is scheduled for February 1, at 11AM Eastern Standard Time.

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Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:54 pm

Beta Info Update & FAQ

1. What are the rates during the beta test?

The beta rates are the same as our rates on release, 9x EXP, 3x MESO, 2x DROP.

2. What's available during the beta test?

All content currently implemented in Kastia will be available during the beta test, including 4 early-game PQs with some juicy boosted rewards (Romeo & Juliet, Pirate PQ, Orbis PQ, Ludi PQ), all bosses other than Ursus, all of the current Skill Changes, the custom class Ayame, Time Alchemy, etc. Additionally, our donation point shop will be viewable with all of the items and prices available, though donations will remain closed until release.

3. What will we be provided during the beta test?

Once per account you can talk to GM Nori in the Forest Retreat to gain a few perks for the duration of the beta: a Buff Crystal, a Hyper Teleport Rock, and 15 temporary Vote Points.

4. How do we report bugs?

Before reporting a bug, PLEASE check our Known Bugs List thread. Bugs should be reported on our forums under the bug reporting section Barrel 'o Bugs.

5. How do we provide feedback?

Feedback should be given in our beta thread here. Please try to post constructive criticism, as we are listening closely to what you have to say. Thanks.

That's all for now -- see you soon friends.
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