Changelog: v68

All the latest patch notes and server updates!
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It's been a while, folks.

New Content
  • Legend Ranmaru is now available to be fought. Assemble a party of 6 strong players and offer a Dream Stone each on Channels 18-20 of Secret Altar to challenge him. He rewards the Dreaming Flame of Willpower upon defeat, allowing you to obtain the next 3 pieces of the Sweetwater set.
  • New NX Equipment has been added! Talk to the Green Fairy Maid (DP Shop) to access the Deluxe NX Gachapon or talk to the newest addition to Forest Retreat, Bruise, to directly shop for a higher price.
Balance Changes
  • Minor adjustments to the Tower of Oz, and Lotus (Normal & Hard) droptables
  • Adjustments to TA material costs
Class Changes
  • Shadower: Mesoguard now provides 15% damage reduction and 40% higher Final Damage
  • Shadower: Decreased the cooldown of Smokescreen from 150 to 90 seconds and decreased its duration from 30 to 25 seconds
  • Dual Blade: Decreased the cooldown of Blade Tempest to 80 seconds
  • Dual Blade: Shadow Meld's critical bonus has been removed and a flat 50% critical rate has been given to Weapon Booster instead
  • Dual Blade: Final Cut's damage bonus raised from 80% to 130%
  • Dual Blade: Chains of Hell's invincibility duration is reduced to 2.5s and its cooldown is raised from 45s to 50s
  • Night Lord: Weapon Booster now gives 40% Final Damage
  • Night Lord: Throwing Star Barrage's cooldown is reduced to 90 seconds and Final Damage is decreased from 200% to 130%
  • Phantom: Priere D'Aria Final Damage raised from 75% to 100%
  • Bishop: Blessed Harmony Final Damage decreased from 30% to 20%
  • I/L Archmage: Final Damage raised from 10% to 30%
  • I/L Archmage: All skills apply all freeze stacks at once
  • Xenon: Decreased the Final Damage from 70% to 55%
  • Blaze Wizard: Burning Conduit Damage% bonus increased from 50% to 100%
  • Demon Slayer: Demon Cry's DEF reductions raised from 15% to 40%
  • Demon Slayer: Blue Blood Final Damage increased from 160% to 190% and should now apply its force reduction properly
  • Beast Tamer: Custom Skill multiplier increased to 150% Final Damage and now adds 100% Boss Damage
  • Beast Tamer: Team Roar's %Damage changed to %Final Damage and now affects the entire party but its duration is reduced to 6 seconds on party members
  • Beast Tamer: On cast, Team Roar will reset the cooldown of all of Beast Tamer's skills except Team Roar itself
  • Ayame: Each Combo Orb adds 4% instead of 2% ATT
  • Ayame: Slightly reduced the delaying effect of Mysterious Burst
  • Dual Blade: Chains of Hell should now give the invincibility effect
  • Xenon: Fixed Omega Blaster not being useable...I think.
  • Fixed a bug where projectile skills with bouncing sometimes wouldn't bounce as much as they should
  • Bishop: Fixed Benediction giving party 30% instead of 20% Final Damage
  • Demon Slayer: Raven Storm now applies its healing effect properly
  • Phantom now gains the passive DoT from Venom Burst
  • Fixed a bug where Demon Avenger didn't get restored to full HP after reviving with Demonic Frenzy active
  • Fixed a bug that let you spawn summons multiple times in parties or expeditions
  • Fixed a bug where Phantom could keep multiple stolen skills from a single job tier active.
  • Fixed a bug where sorting items in CS would break them.
  • Fixed a bug that let you spam Megaphones bypassing the cooldown.
  • Maple Black Katara and Sweetwater Katana are now properly available.
Other Changes
  • A rudimentary version of Sealed Rune Power has been added. For every 5 minutes that a Runestone is on your map and remains unused, the reward rates in that map will continuously decrease, all the way down to 0% at 20 minutes.
  • Corrected the time shown in @check command.
  • Corrected an error where some mounts weren't permanent even though they should have been.
[+] Staff Comment
Hey folks! It's been a while. We've heard your cries and provided you with this update.

A lot has happened since the last time you saw one of these. We know some of you have been distraught with how little the staff has communicated with you all. But, we're back baby.

A new boss, cosmetics, and the long-awaited LUK changes (with several other class changes), this is what you've been waiting for.

With a count of 4 Legend content available, we've decided to take a step back for upcoming introducing an original Maplestory boss! Can you guess who it is? That's right. The Queen of Nightmares is the next stop in new boss content. Lucid is coming soon, finally allowing you guys to complete your Sweetwater Set.

- Heda
[+] Staff Comment
In addition to the LUK class stuff, there were some other changes lumped in that should have gone in earlier but didn't make it in time for the respective patches (BT, DS). There are still a couple bugs to iron out but for the most part we're pretty happy with how this turned out.

Let's talk individual classes.

Dual Blade: I'm aware of the bugs and slight clunkiness of Asura's Anger and that has not yet been fixed. It will come at a later date; I did try but wasn't quite able to figure it out before the patch. Otherwise, enjoy the solid chunk of Final Damage and crit rate. As a fun fact, Chains of Hell is affected by both buff duration and cooldown reduction so we had to actually nerf it slightly or else you could've gotten 70-80% constant iframe uptime which was a bit much.

Shadower, Night Lord: Pretty much just damage chunks until I figure out what the deal is with tile effects (Smokescreen, Kanna barriers) and quash that bug.

Beast Tamer: We did mention in a previous update note that BT was going to get a chunk of damage since the support buffs already happened. That is now here, enjoy.

Demon Slayer: I'm pretty sure I also fixed the 100DF Awakening bug, but would like confirmation on that from DS players after the patch goes live. Leech Aura might also be fixed, but that is, again, something I'm not quite sure of.

All the other class changes are mostly miscellaneous things and not intended to be a substitute/replacement for a real patch down the line.

As far as bosses go, Legend Ramnaru is one of the more difficult ones mechanics-wise but the DPM requirement should also be a bit lower than Magnus (if it turns out it's not, we'll probably address it in a followup patch), so there's that. A couple tips:
- The Incandescence and Luminescence debuffs stack. Don't switch between light and dark too often or you'll just degenerate to death.
- Make sure you have at least one person with good mobility to deal with the add spawns on Light side.
- The 1HKO attacks ignore death protection effects (Heaven's Door, etc). Don't rely on them too much.

- Alicia

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