Changelog: v68b

All the latest patch notes and server updates!
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Mon Jun 22, 2020 11:05 am

The internal version is 68b.

If you are still experiencing frequent crashes as soon as you login, you'll have to reinstall. There was a brief hiccup with our patch server about 24-26 hours ago that resulted in a few clients being served corrupt patch data.

  • Fixed players and Runestones being invisible in maps
  • The Lie Detector reward buff can now exceed the 300% drop and meso cap limits
  • While you are on the 10-minute Runestone cooldown, you gain +20% drop and meso rate. This effect can exceed the 300% limits
  • Characters that are on Runestone cooldown are now unaffected by Sealed Rune Power reductions
  • Toughened up Legend Ranmaru, both in HP and in mechanics
  • Fixed the Phantom Loadout bug. For real this time.
  • Fixed the Fury consumption bug on Demon Slayer as well as the amount healed by Raven Storm to the correct %
  • Fixed the GPQ/LGPQ boxes not dropping anything
  • Fixed Maple Black Katara capping at 30 star instead of 23
  • Decreased the Oz Point penalty for bringing multiple players from 13% to 7% (time penalty is still applied normally)

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